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Originally Posted by Sovand View Post
It's Bjorkstrand, not Bjørkstrand.
Well, it's most likely Björkstrand originally and when some swedish emigrated once upon a time the Ö became an O in North America.
Björk is in modern danish "birk" (but Björk is the old norse name still used in icelandic, so a danish version would be written Bjørk).
I just "danified" the originally swedish name, because he is a danish citizen
In english it's "birch", his name means "birchbeach".
Bjork with an O is meaningless.
(So he will have to live with that I will call him Bjørkstrand )

It became popular in Sweden in the 1800's to adopt family names derived from nature: Dahl, Berg, Quist/Kvist, Ström, Gren etc (Dahl-berg, Berg-quist, Ström-gren).
Björkstrand is a typical nature-surname from that period. They are much less common in Denmark and Norway.

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