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10-11-2012, 01:17 PM
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Have enjoyed the chat and see we'll simply be coming to different conclusions.

I'll only mention a few little things here.

Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
I'm simply saying that Subban is a better rounded player in all facets of the game, including defense and physicality. When he's on the ice, he's not a one-trick poney, but more of a complete player... at a much younger age than the other two.
Subban's youth, energy and power may make him the currently better individual player in the physical abilities department, especially in comparison to Visnovsky (whose achievements are of course worth our respect and who had led all NHL Dmen in scoring just two seasons ago), but I do have my doubts that, when all things and aspects are taken into consideration, Subban is currently - on whole - better than Streit. Within a season or two, probably. I certainly don't think many outside of Montreal would say that he is 'right now' though.

Also, insinuating that, for example, the two year NHL veteran Subban would, if he were Swiss, already be captaining Team Switzerland ahead of a much more mature, experienced and proven Mark Streit would have no less than a few hundred thousand hockey fans from my current soutwestern neighbor laughing their collective socks off, much less peak the ire of other folks around the international ice hockey community.

There's more than a healthy portion of audaciousness in such a statement, especially considering Subban's many maturity-related issues thus far.

... to state that Hamonic will become as good as Subban is a HF Board parasite where prospects seem to be compared to established players, which no one knows until they reach (or not) their potential.
Surely such a thing happens at these boards. No doubt whatsoever. It may even be pretty rampant.

In this case however, Subban has actually only played a little over half a season's worth of games (total of 181, including POs, 24-64-88 245 PM) more than Hamonic (135, 7-43-50 176 PM). They are roughly the same size and weight, and both are righty shots who can deliver bombs for shots and checks. Both even fight occasionally.

Subban is 15 months older.

Thus, we can't really refer to Hamonic as solely a prospect being compared to an established player in Subban.

I certainly think Subban is currently better. His offensive numbers alone would indicate that, although I'd have to think he's been seeing a heck of a lot more time on the PP than Hamonic has (who has seen very little in fact, to the ire of a number of Islander fans). In any case, I don't think its rationally off base to believe that Hamonic may very well have caught up to or surpassed Subban within the next few seasons. Hamonic is not only highly esteemed in Islanderland, but very much so around Hockey Canada as well. There's much about his actual game and playing style that reminds more than a few of a young Shea Weber.

He's one you really might want to keep an eye on.

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