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10-11-2012, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Reaper45 View Post
Aliu is a headcase but still managed to put up 2 goals and an assist in 3 NHL games last season.
Flames fan visiting in peace.

Aliu's points were in no way indicative of his play. One was a lucky bounce off of him and the second was gift wrapped. His assist was a pretty nice one handed to him because he played with a 1st line player (Cammalleri).

What I will say is that he's got skill and he has the ability to play a 4th line agitator as long as he continues to progress. In the AHL, he's played a lot by Troy Ward and does a good job. The talk about him mentally aren't overblown, but seems to have calmed down. He has, and he openly states, that he's found his peace in Abbotsford and is extremely thankful that Feaster gave him a chance at redemption. From what I've seen of him in Abbotsford and with the Flames, he just looks like another weird habits or anything. For the last 2 games of the season, he did exactly what I said before: He acted like a good agitator (and in general playing hard hitting Sutter hockey) and was rewarded (a bit excessively) for crashing the net.

On the other hand, he does have problems with consistency and self-control. Ward is a coach who'll play his best players, regardless of name or ranking. He willingly benches Irving for career AHLer Danny Taylor stretching into the Playoffs and has sent a player home for a month for conditioning. He has benched or made Aliu a healthy scratch a couple times, indicating that he's obviously no where Ward wants him to be all the time. Additionally, you can see Aliu is on the edge of exploding whenever he feels slighted. We Flames fans don't complain as we haven't had a player like that for a while, but for the Kings, you might have that type of role already filled in the AHL who can make that jump.

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