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10-11-2012, 03:17 PM
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I want to see how the European teams would face off with some of the NHL teams.

Bring together the best teams world wide in one big tournament. # of teams selected per league depending on IIHF league rankings. NHL will send 2 canadian teams, 2 american teams. KHL will send 2 russian teams and 2 non russian teams. or 3 and 1 whatever. Leagues like Swed, fin, swiss will send 3 teams each. Leagues like Germany, Czech, Slovakia will send down 2 teams each. Leagues in Austria, UK will send over 1 team each. European champions from the year will be allowed in (there is one euro league that every country does except russia, i think france team won it 2 years ago)... The best team from Pacific and Asia will be allowed 1 spot.

28 teams... separate it by division/groups at first. best 2 of each group then enter the knockout stages until final game. Just like the European soccer championship

I would watch.

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