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Originally Posted by Jerk Store View Post
Ottawa Highlanders

Hey guys and gals!

So, it seems that the CFL group plans on holding some sort of contest to name the team. So I guess now's as good a time as ever to start sharing some details of the proposal I have been working on for the past year.

I first met up with local sports historian Jim McAuley around this time last year to discuss finding a name for the CFL franchise. We looked over old photos and such, and talked about the name Rough Riders. One thing that came up was Theodore Roosevelt's elite army called the Rough Riders, and that sparked a research into military themes that would resonate with Ottawa.

During my research, I stumbled upon the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa. Thought it had a cool sound to it so did more research and found out some pretty interesting stuff:

1. The Camerons Highlanders are Ottawa's only regiment
2. In WWII, they were the first to land at the battle of Normandy
3. During WWII, the Camerons were stationed at Landsdown before taking off for the war. During their time there, they helped out cleaning the Rough Riders locker rooms and got to watch games.
4. The regiment was formed of two battalions, the 1st and the second, with the first being the soldiers leaving for war and the second staying back to recruit and train. Nothing special here but thought there was a bit of a parallel with the actual team and the extensive coaching staff of a football team.

So, Jim and I teamed up with Rocket 57 Illustration to get to work on branding. Our main goal was to demystify the Scottish connotation the name might have and make it clear that it was an hommage to the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa. The reason being that the Ottawa population might be aware of the reference, but the general public wouldn't. We wanted to keep the brand away from anything too modern looking. So after many iterations of the logo(s), we finally got the look we were looking for.

In february of this year, our team met with the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa and presented our proposal. They shared stories and provided insights into their history. Turned out that at some point, prior to being called the Camerons, they were actually the Ottawa Highlanders.

So, since then we've been waiting to share our work with the people of Ottawa/Gatineau. I will wait for an official announcement from the team to present the whole thing, but I will share a teaser later on today Hope you like it!
I like it... Haha, check my Avatar...

We also hold the FREEDOM OF THE CITY Honour....

Military privilege

Freedom of the City is an ancient honour granted to martial organizations, allowing them the privilege to march into the city "with drums beating, colours flying, and bayonets fixed".[1]

This honour dates back to ancient Rome which regarded the "Pomerium", the boundary of the city, as sacred and promagistrates and generals were forbidden from entering it, and resigned their imperium immediately upon crossing it. As a result, a general waiting to celebrate a triumph with his victorious troops was required to wait outside the pomerium until his triumph. Under the Republic, soldiers also lost their status when entering, becoming citizens: thus soldiers at their general's triumph wore civilian dress and weapons were also banned inside the pomerium for religious and traditional reasons. (The assassination of Julius Caesar occurred outside this boundary.)

Similar laws were passed by cities throughout the Medieval era, also to protect public security and civic rights, even against their own king's troops.

Today, martial freedom of the city is an entirely ceremonial honour, but remains the oldest and one of the highest civic honours in the Commonwealth of Nations.[2]

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