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10-11-2012, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by blue425 View Post
That was me. Rant was a damn fine book. It took a lot of extra reading to fully understand it though. It is a difficult read.

Which brings me to my three Chuck favorites:

Lullaby was the most recent read for me, it took me a while to sit down with it.

It was the freshest, best book I have read of his since reading Fight Club (I didn't read them in release order). I just dug the main character, the fact that the situation is so ludicrous, and that the poor fool simply has no control over what is happening to him. Loved it.

Invisible Monsters. Read it twice. It is always awesome. This one is dying for the movie treatment. In fact Google "Jessica Biel Invisible Monsters" for some disturbing images.

I just ordered Invisible Monsters Remix this morning. I should have it Saturday. I can't wait to read it.

And Fight Club. I have nothing to say. It is so ridiculously awesome I don't have any adjectives to properly describe it. And besides I am not supposed to talk about it.
haha I totally googled it. The third pic in from the left isn't so bad.

Invisible Monsters, for me, was just great in every aspect of character development you can imagine, which is one of many reasons why I love Chuck. There's a remix out, have you had a chance to check it out? I haven't, but that's because I skimmed through some of it and it's not that different from the original so chances are it will only make you say; "I liked the original better"

Yeah Fight Club...I'm the same way, can't put into words, but all I can say is that anyone who sees the film and thinks the book can't be better is in for a treat if they ever happen to grab a copy. It's absolute genius writing not to mention a plot in which could make any writer give up and get a day job. You're just genuinely impressed after reading it. Same way with Choke and IM. With Rant, I was impressed but it was one of those things where you need to sit and think about it for a while before you can even start deciding if you liked it or not. If that makes any sense.

Sadly, I thought Survivor was a disappointment. I had really high hopes for it, and the synopsis really intrigued me.

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