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Originally Posted by Steelheads101 View Post
OHL education packages are generally that for every year you play, you receive the equivalent amount of one year university tuition from the closest university to your home residence. So for example if a kid from Ottawa is drafted and plays in Peterborough, his annual education package would say be the amount it would cost to go to Carlton for a year. While playing in the OHL, the teams pay for classes and once they are done they have to start using their package within 18 months or they lose it.

NCAA is very dependent on how much they want you, how much money the team has for scholarships. Many people "say" they are getting a "full ride", but it may not be a 4 year ride and your scholarship can be revoked at any time. Many of the scholarships are not FULL and they are partial. Many of them draw from the sport, but then part of the scholarship dollars comes from other areas of the university. It really is a numbers game.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both. IMO as long as there is someone helping to pay for a kids educaion, then good for them!
I get scholarships, bunch of my boys are playing in the states right now on scholly's

its just there is a difference between gold level packages for OHL players and others, thats the difference I was wondering about

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