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10-11-2012, 03:16 PM
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Good points. The military theme is a common one, wether it be the Blue Bombers, Alouettes, Fighting Irish, etc... While war is in no way good, the name is meant more as an hommage and obviously not a reference to modern warfare, as are the rest of the names listed. Furthermore, the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, as they are known today, were once simply the Highlanders of Ottawa, so there is still a dissociation there. I don't think everyone who wears a poppy supports military presence worldwide, but we do remember and appreciate what veterans have done. So it's with the same frame of mind that we approached this. The fact that they were stationed at Landsdown, first to land at the battle of Normandy etc is what we are referencing.

Like you said, the Camerons are the Camerons and the Highlanders would be the Highlanders, but football in Ottawa and Landsdown shared a bit of its history with Ottawa's regiment, and that's what we're focusing on here. But great input!

Also, sadly the name Rough Riders will not be coming back. That's ehat I originally hoped for as well..

Originally Posted by Big Papi View Post
I am intrigued. I am extremely stoked for Ottawa to get a CFL team back, and I'm still holding out hope that the Original Rough Riders return (Hunt et al did buy the name off Chen I believe), I'm open to a new name as well.

I'll start with the positives, I love that you intend to maintain Ottawa colours!
I'm also appreciative of the thought put into the name. A name of historical or cultural significance is more meaningful, rather than trendy names like the Raptors for example. I also appreciate tastefully trying to disassociate the term from a specific group.
The association with Lansdown is awesome, great research!

However, while I will remain open to whatever you putforth, (as you have not done wrong yet!) I have issues right away with a team being associated with modern warfare, either expressly or implied (i.e. Jets - their new uniform). Also, very unlikely, but still something that should maybe be given some consideration is that the association of a team and a still active regiment could lead to potentially awkward issue in the future. (i.e. the regiment's inclusion in an unpopular war, etc)

I don't doubt the bravery of the men who fought in the regiment, but from a purely historical point of view the fact that it participated in the Boer War is of concern. Canada's inclusion in the war was highly controversial between the French and the English, and stirred up a lot of $@!*. (My understanding is that you had the Loyalist Canadians, who wanted to fight for Britain, and then you had French Canadians who sympathized with the Boer's). So given Ottawa's makeup, I think that's a knock against the name.

Also, the coat of arms of the regiment appears to have Jesus on it, which, while religious symbols don't offend me, it can be a sticking point with others. I know that the team won't be representatives of the Regiment, or vice-versa - but as you would be establishing a link, I know you'll be weighing the pros and cons of the names.

I know this is a little bit over the top, and given how thorough you've been, I'm sure you've given this due consideration.

Please don't see this as anything other than constructive criticism, as like everyone else on the Board, I am are hugely appreciated of your work (i.e. Sens Heritage jersey) and the fact that you're sharing it with us.

How many proposal do you have drafts for?!?!?!?!

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