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Originally Posted by Habs05 View Post
YES gives qc an expansion because it's a canadian team they loved hockey so they'll be happy...

Of course Seattle would get the best, a fully formed competitive team

Qc lost a good team, they deserve a good team back. I know an expansion is better than nothing and I would be happy for them but I'm a bit sick of seeing canadian markets being treated as second class markets just because they love the game.

I think Seattle would be a nice hockey market but Qc will be ready before them. At the moment if a curent team needs to move it's going to Quebec. I'm pretty sure PKP would pay more for a team in a proven hockey market than Seattle.
Guess it depends on the opinion of the league itself on where they view the list of markets to relocate to. Seattle and Quebec top 2 of that list and opinion will vary on who is #1 and who's #2.

Quebec city will always be there for the league based on that they are building the arena regardless if they get a team or not.

On the other hand Seattle doesn't have a viable temp facility and some questions if there is an owner that wants to play in the Key while the new arena is being built.

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