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Originally Posted by upinarms View Post
Average Tenders become Good tenders when the team in front of them is good. Ottawa is playing good so far and it shows in Millen. Nepean Tender looked very good last season with his D he had. This season Average with the team in front of him. I believe all tenders this season are average. There is no Dupius or Haffner. The better a team plays the better their Tender will look. Millen I believe was as Average as the rest in previous seasons. Now his team is helping him look better.
You might want to check Zawadski's numbers again!? He's leading the league in wins, save percentage and goals against. Average??? Haffner's Cornwall, when they finally got healthy last year, were just as good a team as Nepean. Zawadski beat Haffner in 7 games. Zawadski beat Pembroke & Dupuis in 7 games, and if you think that Pembroke team was'nt any good in front of him, try asking the third seed Brockville team that Pembroke beat in 5 games last year. Zawadski has had a poor start, but a poor start for him, is great start for most of the other goalies in the league. In my opinion, Zawadski proved last year he was at least as good as the competition.

As far as the generalization, good teams make the goalie look better, sure, I can agree with that. But the way I see the game, a good goalie makes the team look very good and the coach look even greater.

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