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Originally Posted by kassian View Post
I mean, even if you did, let's say, use that shortside technique to score goals... what's the problem in it? Do we actually expect people to carefully plan their attack to make sure there are no glitches involved in the play now? And even then, these so-called exploits' definition is so arbitrary. What's a glitch, what's not, who really knows? Are the nearly non-stoppable cross-crease passes glitches? Are shortside goals glitches? Are perfectly-executed wrist shots glitches? Are the goalies superhuman-like saves glitches? We could make a case for a lot gameplay elements like that.

Stop being whiny ******s and play the game - and if the opponent scores questionable goals on you maybe it's time to reconsider your defensive play.
Well said Sir. Couldn't agree more.

Had the same conversation recently about the "Rebound-glitch". Gimme a break

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