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10-11-2012, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
Can't say I've ever done anything as bad as defacing a memorial.... Can you?
It really depends how bad you think that is. I don't think what she did is a big deal, it's not something that someone aiming to deface a memorial does. I'm not going to compare it to someone writing a racial slur with spray paint, that's for sure.

Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
What I've seen in general from today's youth in society is actually quite scary. I don't mean to generalize anyone either as there are a lot of bright youthful people out there. I just feel sorry for the teens who are intelligent for the crap they have to put up with from their peers.
The only difference between now and then is how many more youth there are doing stupid things because of population growth and how many more things we are getting to see because of technology.

Originally Posted by craigcaulks View Post
I am glad it all happened before cam phones, twitter and the internet.

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