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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
I'm dumbfounded by your post. Amazed.

There is Capital, Labour and Talent in the world.

Your post says Talent is as replaceable as Labour. It is not. Talent is very very rare.

This is not a Capital versus Labour issue. It is a Capital versus Talent issue. Hence the problem. Much more difficult to resolve.

Your post is massively incorrect.
Actually, his post is not incorrect at all. If all of the NHL Talent died tomorrow, we would still have NHL teams, just stocked with different talent, some of which would be weaker, some stronger. NOT all NHL players are necessarily the best Talent available, unless you truly think there are no players in the world who would be able to replace Komisarek, Gomez, Shelley, Trevor Lewis, Tim Jackman, etc... The reality is that there are plenty of NHL players who should have been replaced but can not be due to the nature of the guaranteed contracts NHL players get. There is also quite a bit of turnover from year to year.

Personally, I have seen so many players come and go in almost 40 years of watching the Habs that I would have no problem supporting an entire replacement team, if it came down to it. Why? It happens fairly regularly anyway. 85 % of the Habs on today's roster were NOT with the team 4 years ago! 4 years from now, we will not be seeing at least half of the guys we currently have. The same is true for most NHL teams. The amount of turnover is crazy, so I would have no problem watching replacement players using guys from the minors, European leagues, NHL players willing to cross any strike lines, etc... In all honsety, it would simply be me watching some of those guys now rather than in 1-5 years from now.

I would also point out that it is very interesting to listen to guys like Chris Nilan and Bobby Dollas who seem to be on the side of the owners in all of this. Those are just two former players who were not superstars that seem to think the players should realize how good they have it as NHL players. As Dollas stated on the TSN990, how can there be a partnership when one partner makes 57% of the profits and the other partner, the one taking ALL of the financial risk, is getting only 43% of the profits? They both also said that the health insurance players get is absolutely amazing and neither thinks the players should dare complain about the surface of the ice at today's arenas, especially when compared to what players had in the past. The reality is that it is the wealthier players who are fueling this fight more than the everyday players, and it is going to cost some of the average to weaker guys on one year contracts or in the final year of a contract some jobs and money. It is also rather interesting that it is mostly the guys already getting paid big bucks who are going over the ocean to get more money through this whole thing.

The only people I feel sorry for are the regular people whose lives and livelihood are affected by this stupidity. If the Talent thinks they have it so bad, maybe they should spend some time as Labour since they are part and parcel of why those in the Labour arena are losing money they can not afford to lose. I am not saying the players need to bend over and take the worst case scenario contract available, but they can definitely at the very least come up with a fair and balanced counter proposal. If it is a true partnership, they should be more than willing to split the profits 50/50, at the very least.

As far as what the players supposedly gave up last time. They had salary rollbacks that disappeared very quickly. The owners want to win, and as long as the Cap is allowed to grow player salaries will also grow. The poor players who gave up so much last time are very far away from being poor in any sense of the word.

Screw it. Call up replacement players and send the big money crybabies to the KHL where they may get multi-million dollar contracts that are not honoured. Let the millionaires go play with contracts that are not guaranteed and where they can get screwed at the drop of a dime. I would rather watch the Beaulieu's, Tinordi's, and others of that ilk than a bunch of overpaid selfish players who let their egos get in the way of the good thing they have.

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