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Second Lines:

Before I go too deep into this one, I think this is one where my opponent has me. I don’t think any of the comparisons are a runaway, but at first glance they probably all go in VI’s favour.

Bodnar vs. Allison. Pretty simple. Playmaking centers. Bodnar’s best percentages: 71, 68, 63, 58, 58, 57. Allison’s best six: 99, 91, 82, 71, 49, 34. Even after a 15% boost for Bodnar, two things appear clear: 1) Bodnar was not close to the peak producer Allison was, and by peak I mean 1998, 2001, and 2002. 2) Wow, I forgot poor Allison really only had four and 2/3 decent scoring seasons. His 6th-best percentage score is from his 1997 rookie season, leaving out his 2000 and 2003 injury-wrecked seasons in which he had 56 points in a combined 63 games. So, Allison is the better scorer and overall player, and it’s even more pronounced on a per-game level, but there’s a chance he’ll miss a game here… or maybe two.

For simplicity, let’s go with modern vs. modern – Marleau vs. Murray. Coincidentally, both have Joe Thornton to thank for their best offensive seasons. As of 2009, these were Marleau’s best six percentage scores: 70, 68, 66, 65, 55, 54. These were Murray’s: 88, 79, 69, 66, 66, 43. I’ll concede that Murray’s production is slightly more Thornton driven than Marleau’s as of this point, but does it overcome the significantly stronger two best sesons he had? I’m thinking close, but no. Marleau’s “decent but nothing special” defensive game doesn’t make up the production gap. Circa 2009, Murray was a better all-time player.

Seems that Murray and Allison both surprised me pleasantly.

Liscombe vs. Wiseman. I have an adjusted percentage system that accounts for the fact that Liscombe excelled in 1944, to make sure he doesn’t get too much credit for it. His offensive scores are 74, 59, 58, 56, 48, 45. Wiseman’s are 91, 75, 73, 70, 64, 63. This puts Wiseman in front by a significant edge; roughly 28%. This matchup alone wipes out whatever advantage Regina had thanks to Allison and Murray.

Offensively, these lines are more or less even. Defensively there is no major presence. Physically, the most willing player is probably Wiseman (and that doesn’t say much) but the most able player is Murray. It’s probably a wash. Overall I think that is what has to be said about these lines.

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