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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
I think there's some truth to that, though it's kind of true for pretty much any talented player that's a legit NHL prospect in college hockey, but I get the feeling that it also was him kind of getting a different role with the Rangers than he had at BC.

At BC, it seemed like it was decided that he was not the designated puck carrier, and was used for his speed and other than that to float around looking for soft spots, or do some battling along the boards.

In the NHL, he spent a lot more time skating and pressuring the puck on offense and being aggressive once he got it.

Just kind of making stuff up, I dunno. He seemed a lot less tentative in the NHL than he did in college
Kreider, IMO, doesn't have the ability to control the flow of the game like say, Kuznetzov, who can create at a high level even with bad linemates. He's not the type to skate around and dangle, he makes solid use of his linemates. In college he always went to the right spot, but didn't get fed the puck, or he would make a wonderful pass, but his linemates weren't expecting it.

You could certainly be right, but I saw it as less tentativeness and more being in the wrong playing atmosphere. Even in juniors I don't think he would have tore it up, he'd be playing with the same quality competition. That's why we saw his best work prior to the NHL in international play, with the best players his age.

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