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10-11-2012, 06:44 PM
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They meshed together better and quicker in vancouver but I mostly think that had to do with the fact that they had great goaltending in front of them while Canada didn't, it allowed them to play loose and go for it when they knew Miller was there to bail them out, it was the exact opposite with Canada, they had to be careful and play nervous for much of the games. That was the difference IMO.

After that, no, they haven't meshed better as teams then Canada overall. Turin they were no better then Canada and considering the talent they had on hand for nagano that was a prime example of the U.S underacheiving and of meshing terribly.

Meshing over the past big time international tournaments over the past 14 years seems to be a wash between those 2 countries.

Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
As we have already seen, the U.S. team tends to mesh much better as a group than Canada does. Canada has the massive talent advantage on paper, yet the play on the ice in the last Olympics - taking all factors of the game into account - was almost perfectly even. Each team won a game against the other by (effectively) one goal.

So no, nobody would be destroying anyone else.

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