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Originally Posted by Taoiseach View Post
Don't be so down on the Q! If you like exciting, fast-paced hockey, then the Q is your place!

Trust me, I'm an Anglo-monoglot and following a French language hockey game isn't that hard. If you have video to follow, it makes it even easier.

As for the teams, there are really only two QMJHL teams that are at all worth cheering for. The Val-d'Or Foreurs are a feisty team that doesn't know the meaning of the word quit. I haven't seen them play yet this season, but much of their core is still intact from last season, so I don't expect big changes. They will be better though. We went up there for a game last season, and after we scored an empty net goal to make it 6-2, they came back to make it 6-4! There was another game that we won 6-4 (again, the sixth goal was an empty netter), only issue was that it was 5-0 Hull at the second intermission! Also, their goalie is a Blues prospect, and Tremblay is pretty awesome. I know you said you don't care about this, but I also think that they happen to have the nicest jerseys in the Q. Foreurs fans are pretty reserved (unless they're playing the Huskies), but the Air Creebec Centre is an experience not to miss. The ice is only 190' long! Val-d'Or is small, but pleasant, and I think you would enjoy your stay up there. The people don't always speak much English, but they're more than happy to try if you're not a dick about the fact that you don't speak French. It's amazing how far starting a conversation off with 'Est-ce que tu parle Anglais?' can get you.

Now for my team. The Olympiques (Gatineau, or Hull if you ask a lot of our fans). We might not have any Blues, but we don't have any Red Wings, Blackhawks or Predators prospects either. We do have a Kings prospect in TomᚠHyka (that's TOW-maash HEE-ka), but who can hate the Kings? (Oh, right... ). Like the Foreurs, we're an Eastern time zone team. You like tough teams? Well, we're on the right track there! (Google Translate is a glorious thing, remember, I too am an Anglo monoglot). We have all the makings of being a top team this season, but we came out of the gate pretty flat. Fear not, I expect big improvements. We have a good team, and we're building for a championship run next season.

Now, as for the Barn. We have, unquestionably, the best fans in the CHL. We're unmitigated, unapologetic *******s, but we'd all give the shirt off our back to one of our own. To give you an idea of this, just this past season I made one of the Saint John Sea Dogs cry, and just about got into a fight with one of the Armada players and the Huskies mascot. At the same time, I've made many great friends and as a relative newcomer feel like a full part of the community. When we went to the finals two years ago, all through the playoffs I don't think I've ever been anywhere so loud, and this includes NHL playoff games. When Claude Giroux (one of our alumni) dropped the puck in the ceremonial faceoff before Game 6, I thought the building was about to collapse. And this isn't to say that we're in any way quiet during the regular season. Like I said, we went up to Val-d'Or and Rouyn-Noranda last season. It's not hard to spot a Hull fan - the six of us (my wife, son, and three Olympiques employees) had no trouble drowning out both crowds. I'm still sceptical that we'll ever get the new arena, but we're supposed to get a new arena in 2015. If you're going to make the trip up here, I suggest doing so while you still have the chance to visit Le Vieux Bob. Truly one of Hockey's cathedrals.
Forget what he said, The Quebec Remparts is the team in the Q this year.

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