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10-11-2012, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Well point was we would have enough talented CDN's starting elsewhere to use imports on the OL, since clearly we cannot find/develop our own. Was just throwing it out there since we seem to have enough CDN talent to spread around, but it's highly unlikely any team would ever do this. The CDN O-Line tradition is just a function of not having enough talented CDN's elsewhere. Regardless, we have for sure the 4 elsewhere starters we need (Watson, Poblah, Logan, Muamba), so that's good enough.

Poblah has some special raw talent, but has a)not been able to stay healthy, b)been completely miss used on the outside. He is a natural speed SB, but is being relegated to the outside. They should move him into SB next year, run Matthews and Kohlert/Etienne on the outside, that'll work out much better, maximizing his skills and the skills of receiving corps.

Too early to give up completely on Etienne or Pencer (especially Pencer). Both were drafted as very young projects. Etienne though is getting close to bust territory. Next year's TC will be his make it or break it. The ONLY nice thing right now is that Etienne projects as a big WR threat, compared to Coehorn or Iannuzzi who are SB's and would be stuck behind Edwards, Denmark, Watson, Poblah. It's a small comfort, but hopefully he can find a role next year, since if he doesn't he might as well go. Still not sure why we ditched Hargreaves though for a guy like Etienne Pencer has been injured all year. Not sure how he can be a bust? He is still projecting to play tackle, which would be awesome, but hell I'd take him if he can play LG. Let's see what he can do before declaring him a bust, although it was still a terrible move to trade up, not get their guy, then take a guy they could have had at #8 Way to waste that extra second Mack.

I'm gonna hold off on the draft talk for now, don't know enough about them, but yeah Charles, Gaydosh look fine. There seems to plenty of talent at DL in this draft with Kalonji Kashama (brother of current Bomber Fernand Kashama), Jesse Joseph (medical redshirted this year), Ben D'Aguilar and Elie Ngoyi along with the two aforementioned DL's in the CFL draft bureau top 15. Not sure if any of them are a Jabari Westerman type ready to step in to start. Of course nobody thought Westerman was a top 2 pick either until draft day.

Elliott's inconsistency is why I would bring in a Quinn/Reilly/Willy to compete with Elliott for the starting spot, have a no holds bar competition camp for the starting spot. Let the best QB win. You then have the other guy to fall back on and continue to push the starter to stay consistent.
Haven't declared Pencer a bust, yet, just that its heading that way. What worries me is shoulder injuries in O-Line or D-Line players have a tendency to be chronic or never really get fixed well enough for them to play any length of time. He might make it back, and play for years, but an injury like that is a concern. A bit like a running back having reconstructive knee surgery - in many ways.

Sure, he can be a project, but i wonder how injury-free will he be and, ultimately, how effective will he be? I honestly see him kicking around the injured reserve list and practice roster for a couple of years, and then the Bombers move on.

Etienne and Poblah are young players, i could cut them some slack. But i'm thinking only Poblah will be here a year from now.

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