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10-11-2012, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Drizzt1 View Post
Ok, the debate is starting to steer in my direction as a individual, rather than remaining on topic , so I'll exit the conversation, but that doesn't mean I agree with you guys.

If Pracey was as good as some people state, I don't think we'd have selected 29th and 28th two out of the past three years.

I really don't get why people can't healthily debate a topic anymore without telling them to "go to another board", or that they are all "puffed up".

I was just trying to share an opinion, and have a discussion with you guys about what I thought was an interesting subject, but whatever....
No offense man, but you're being individualized because you're alone in some of your opinions around here.

Share all you want, but don't expect other people to kindly agree with something you say when they rather bluntly think the idea is drivel.

You responded to my post telling me that Pracey's drafting has led to us being bottom in the standings... but he's really only had 4 drafts to work for the Avs and as any knowledgeable fan wouild attest to, 5 years is the bare minimum to assess a draft's success/failure, which includes a scout's eye for talent from that draft and a team's success from said draft.

The mere fact that Pracey is going into his 5th full year manning the helm for our prospect pool and we can already definitively say that he hit a home run in 2009 is a very sound base to stand upon for describing Pracey as a strong scout.

But, believe what you will. I'm tired of the pointless debates, it's why I left the old Avs board and came here.

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