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10-11-2012, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
Obviously Timmonen would be of interest, but Grossman doesn't really draw my eye at his price tag. Bourdon, Manning and even Gervais are probably worth more to the Flyers then abroad, and Schenn was just acquired so I don't see him moving.

Simmonds and Grossman/Lilja for Edler? Seems a little light.

....nope. The entire world could believe Elvis, Biggy, Kurt Cobain and Hitler faked the moon landing to cover up evidence of Bigfoot's involvement in Jimmy Hoffa's disappearence, that doesn't make it true. We're fine with both, but if a good trade offer comes, you can bet one or the other will be traded.

That's the reply we got...what would the Flyers have to add for Edler. I'm not totally aversed to offers coming in like a lot of Canucks fans, but to make a hole that big, Garrison or another piece must make Edler expendable, or the trade has to fill two of our glaring holes in our forward ranks and/or in our defense sans-Edler.

Bryz(if he returns)-Voracek-Simmonds for Edler-Luongo? +? -?

Edler > Simmonds > Luongo(appairently) > Bryzgalov
Edler > Voracek > Luongo(again, appairently) > Bryzgalov
Does the amount that Edler < Simmonds+Voracek by equal the difference that Luongo > Bryz?

This will probably overthrow the peaceful conversation most of us were happy with, but I don't mean to get anyones blood rushing with it. Let's say I am asking what, with Edler, would loosen both wingers from the Flyers hands?
So you're saying Luongo + Edler for Voracek + Simmonds + Bryz?

I'd rather it be both Schenns instead of Voracek+Simmonds, because at least that way we'll get a replacement D who can hopefully find chemistry with Garrison(and also plays RD) as well as a replacement C for Kesler. Although I'm not sure which pair has more value to Philly.

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