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Originally Posted by WilderPegasus View Post

You're the only one being condescending here with your 'I just think it gets way too much hype based solely on the fact that beers of it's ilk are trendy' and 'It clearly has a following among the "you can't have enough hops" / "beer isn't really beer unless it's drowning in hops" crowd.' remarks which are actually bordering on insults while being condescending.
IMO it certainly isn't condescending, it's just frustrating that what is currently "in" as far as beer styles go doesn't mesh with my personal palate. Like anything else in the world, styles will change with time. I'm just biding my time until the "hop craze" dies down a bit and something else takes it's place.

It's no coincidence that as the hops-craze has really picked up steam, more breweries are trying to accommodate the demand. It's like any other industry, really. It just sucks when someone recommends a new beer, it's more often than not a beer that is too hoppy for my tastes. And when I say "you can't have enough hops", that's not my quote, it's a common sentiment that I've heard expressed numerous times by other beer drinkers who enjoy hop-heavy brews. It just seems to be a more popular beer-ideology now than it has in the past.

Maybe in 5 years, Pilsners will be all the rage among beer circles, and I'll find myself awash in a veritable cornucopia of Pilsner options, as brewers rush to meet the demand of the market.

I'm not trying to be condescending at all, I'm just pointing out the fact that there is a surge in popularity of a certain style of beer, and it's unfortunate that it happens to be a style I don't particularly like.

And I DO think that there are some beers out there that are more popular than they normally would be because they are big on hops, and hops right now is the du-jour taste. It's like anything else. It's like... remember 10 years ago, when Fusion restaurants were really in? Well, I remember there being a TON of fusion restaurants that really weren't all that good: the combination of styles didn't mesh, the food quality wasn't very good... yet they were still popular restaurants for a time because of the popularity of "fusion". Now, I'm not trying to make a comparison of the "fusion" restaurants and Mad Tom (as I have previously explained, it's a well made beer, just not my thing), but I am saying that a lot of beers are getting more press than they otherwise would because the style is currently in, not because they're great beers.

And it'll happen with whatever becomes the next thing in beer, I assure you. This isn't some unique thing that's popped up. If stouts double in popularity over the next 5 years, I'm sure we'll see a huge spike in the availability of stouts, and along with that surge, there will be some stouts out there that will get better press than they deserve if only because they are at "the right place at the right time", so to speak. And if you don't happen to like stouts, then it'll start to get a bit irksome after a while.

So yeah: no condescension intended whatsoever, just waiting for the next thing to come around so the hop craze can die down a bit.

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