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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post
Well, the Hornets are off the market.
Memphis (lease and local owner) isn't a candidate.
Milwaukee is owned by a former Wisconsin Senator. You think they're leaving?
Charlotte? Jordan tried to buy a team and MOVE THEM TO Charlotte, he ain't selling them to move.

It's the Kings, who are not going to sell the team (they used to own the Rockets and tried like mad to get back into the NBA business) and the terms of the arena deal with the city probably would not be to their liking.
Bucks na. I said i would be laughing if the bucks were gonna be sonics 2.0

If the kings are going to be 2.0 the Maloofs have to sell. Per Sodo arena MOU the team can't be any higher than 40% as collateral. Something has to be done regarding the team and I just don't see the Maloofs being in their future. Rather they are sold to someone who wants to keep them there, sold to Hansen or some other city builds an arena for them that doesn't cost them a penny.

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