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10-11-2012, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by CalderKing21 View Post
but that's my point, there shouldn't be just one league or specific area where we have to go back to all the time and hang our hat on.
the scouting department should be adept enough to find talent all over.
a potential preference is one thing, but sometimes the drafting reminds me of how they try to hire GM's with ties to the Avs instead of hiring the best potential guy even if he doesn't fit the exact mold.
It's easy to say a team should draft from all over the world but when the playing ground for teams is not level everywhere, it just becomes harder. Do not forget that drafted international player's rights used to be much longer than the current two years with the recent cba. With so many youngsters playing at the highest levels for their area, but not getting the quality time to see what they can is really hard to determine what they may bring to your organization. You have the possibility of very little exposure to a player prior to and after drafting them when it comes to international players.
CHL players have far more exposure and quality opportunities to show what they can do. And then you have college players who give you around 4 years to see how they develop.
Detroit loves drafting internationally but they have not produced much since the early 2000's with their overseas players. Sure they have some nice prospects right now but that has been said before. Too easy for even the good prospects to give up and play at home...unlike NA prospects.

Draft your forwards from the O, your defense from the W and your goalies from the Q. Or just do what Montreal does and draft all the name players.

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