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10-11-2012, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by CalderKing21 View Post
but that's my point, there shouldn't be just one league or specific area where we have to go back to all the time and hang our hat on.
the scouting department should be adept enough to find talent all over.
a potential preference is one thing, but sometimes the drafting reminds me of how they try to hire GM's with ties to the Avs instead of hiring the best potential guy even if he doesn't fit the exact mold.
But you don't really know what's going on behind closed doors in the scouting department. I would wager so much of every NHL teams scouting records and strategies are really more born out of circumstances than anything else. Where you were picking in a round and who was available has so much of a baring on who teams have picked.

I think you're also on a hiding to nothing sometimes when you have high draft picks. Picking 3rd in 2009 once Hedman and Tavares were off the table, should we really have picked anyone else other than Duchene? If they hadn't big questions would have been asked. Then if Duchene lives up to expectations the scouts don't get much credit because they really had to pick him, no choice. And if he busts then that's the scouts fault. Tough position to be in sometimes.

But beside that, I'm sure they are focusing more in NA than anywhere else but that just makes more fiscal sense. They are a business, the Avs, and every team. It would be so much more expensive to scout in Europe and the player pool is smaller to choose from and the coaching available to kids has far more variance than in Canada for example. You are just more likely to find talent in Canada than in Europe at the moment, it's just the way it is. not saying one is more talented than the other, just saying you can find a draft worthy player in a small town in canada that you can drive too while the team is in Toronto, or you can organise a trip, travel to Omsk to watch a game, and come out of it with nothing. If there was nothing in the game in Toronto no big loss, but getting nothing out of the Omsk trip is a huge waste. It's more risky is my point. Not totally worthless but more risky. Net returns are going to be smaller so you have to be more careful about your scouting there.

Then even after all the time you spend in Europe scouting, it might come to draft day and all the guys you wanted are taken before your pick. Then what?

There's too much assuming going on in this thread, and assuming things is fine but to get upset about points you made based on assumption isn't constructive. Perhaps upset is the wrong word - but we are seeing some fervent defenses being made of points that were based on an assumption. Even if you've based your assumption of logic or some facts it's still an assumption and it's not worth defending so stringently.

All that said, don't forget you're all good blokes and I got nothing against you personally. Drizzt don't go comparing yourself to members of aussie parliament too often though, mate! Not a lot there I'd want to be associated with! Haha. Just jokes of course.

This lockout sucks though, don't it? Just getting back to the Monsters - is a place that will stream those games? Gotta watch something.

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