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10-11-2012, 10:27 PM
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I think that's a pretty negative assessment. You're judging Duchene off one bad injury affected season, ignoring Barrie, Elliot, Gaunce who are still progressing, ignoring Landeskog and Seimens has highly tauted potential and one is already the captain. Hishon's first year in juniors after we drafted him was stellar and we can't crucify scouting for a concussion. I just don't know why you are expecting a bunch of kids all under 22 years old should be expected to be in charge of taking this team to the playoffs RIGHT NOW. It's not happening for a few years. If we make it in at all it's because everyone is playing well but to expect our scouting of the last 4 years to be saving us is just sillyness, isn't it? One of those years was last year and only one of those guys is in our squad. Another year our draft pick has been injured and we can't assess yet. The other year we nailed it. But that's enough to judge it as a failure. Don't get where you're coming from at all.

And if you want to blame Pracey for trades can't you give him credit as well, for McGinn, Downie, Johnson. They are all still very young and not been in a position to do anything worthwhile for us yet, but if you want to judge them it would have to be solely on their performances so far, and they've been great so far in my op. If they do do everything by committee would he not then also deserve credit for the Varlamov signing?

But outside of all that, the current squad hasn't even played together yet!? Youngest in the league and not many years removed from when the core was drafted. When we've played well we have finished middle of the back, or just below it. The two seasons we tanked we know why that happened and it wasn't because the players we had were bad and drafted by Pracey. Duchene's best year so far was the year we tanked and got Landeskog. Our other shocking year had nothing to do with Pracey. The other two years we made the playoffs and missed the playoffs after some bad play / injuries at the end of the year.

I'm just confused by the metrics you're using to judge draftees. The only one who's played three years of NHL level hockey is O'Reilly who you don't have a problem with. Maybe give the other guys three full years. Drafts are all done with an eye on the future. When an 18 year old is drafted he has a potential 20 years ahead of him so you need to have that long of an idea in your head about the future for your team. I think it's dumb to try and draft your way to an immediate stanley cup win. It even took Crosby three or more years to win his cup after being drafted. It takes time!!

Anyway, that's me for this thread. You're all alright. Keep up the good chats during the offseason, my works really boring at the moment.

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