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10-11-2012, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
Got knocked off the internet for about a week. I managed to get on through some open wifi with some effort saturday night to set my lineup, and I check it later when I get my internet back and I was pleased that my optimal score matched my actual score for once... but I still got blown the **** out.

**** my life.

My team should be pretty good on paper.

But I seem to have acquired a team of one-shot wonders, sure fire studs who have gone dud, and assorted nobodies.

Is it too early to think about trades for next years draft picks?

And yes to playoffs.

Oh, and I will talk pretty much any trade. Send me a pm on here or just make the offer. Team name: threshecutioners.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but your team isn't even that good on paper.... Cam Newton did good things as a rookie QB, but he didn't/doesn't get enough TD's to warrant a staring fantasy spot (at least in my book)

and really??? a RB from GB????? And the back-up RB non-the-less. That's just wrong.

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