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10-11-2012, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by PostmaFan1 View Post
On the flip side what about Patrick Roy? The guy is famous for his "clutch" performances.
Go read the actual article...
In other words, we don't need to invoke clutch skill to explain our distributions -- they fit almost perfectly with what we'd expect from natural variation.

We see a similar result when we look at goalies.

There are 52 goalies whom we would expect to have allowed at least 10 goals, so we might expect two or three to be outside the 95% envelope, and we actually see three. So like with forwards, we see that some players have outperformed expectations, but the number of clutch performers is just what we would expect through simple random chance
PS Roy is not one of the 3 goalies that performed better than his regular season performance statistically

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