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10-11-2012, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by hbk View Post
I really like Jenner but I was and remain very high on Murphy. Much like Samuelsson Jenner's potential at the NHL level will be limited by his skating. Lessio for example may have higher potential because of his ability to play on the first and second line. Jenner projects as more of a 3rd liner. Murphy in my mind projects as a top 3 d man. Top 3 d men are harder to find than a bottom six forward.
I would not compare Samuelsson to Jenner in terms of skating. Samuelsson is not a quick skater, but i dont think he is a poor skater. He at least knows how to skate. The movement is technically correct, just not particularly swift. He's still effective enough.

Jenner looks like a duck with clipped wings, running across an arizona asphalt runway in July, not sure whether he's got to lay an egg or take a ****. It's ugly. Like a hyperactive duck waddle in which all the wrong parts are moving a million miles an hour while his clumsy feet just kind of scrape behind him as if he had two broken ankles but was so high on bath salts he didn't realize either the agony or the immobility.

This poster should not be taken seriously under any circumstances.
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