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10-11-2012, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Q7scout View Post
I do not have these "views of things I've heard".....I've seen with my own eyes..... his father physically attack Dan Marois at a Spring Hockey tournament in Toronto as did many other parents. All because he thought Daniel was hit to hard by Dan's son Nick...I've seen him (Daniel) take puck off his own teammates on more that one occasion. I know parents who have taken their son's off his team to show that they do not agree with some of the behaviour of Daniel and his father.

These are not my opinions as I normally post on here.....these are facts that I and others have witness on more than one occasion.

With all that being said I still say he is a good player.....nothing special but a good player at his age level.

I debated greatly over posting this post as many of the things I've said here are not good. However they are true, but people can change and I'm sure he is a good kid at heart and will continue to get better as he matures.

I wish him the best of luck!
Everyone you say is true.

To put things short, anyone you talk to about Daniel Sprong will trell you that his father is insane... That's probably being nice..

Dan Marois is a member of Dollard hockey, he's a developper there, the Lions are based in Dollard.

A person high up in DDO told me that Daniel's an exceptional player, has all the talent in the world, and is so good that teams will make concessions for him... He has confirmed that Sprong's father has on ocassions attacked parents, and gotten into verbal altercations with parents, and yelled at the kids for not passing to his son... He says he can places and teams will take him cause he's that good..

I've heard mixed things on Daniel, some tell me his nice, others tell me he's "a dick". I know someone who had a son in his team I'll try to bring it up.

The whole citizenship thing was bull and smoke in the air. The real reason is this:

Jon Goyens is the face in Lac-St-Louis with the Lions, but Svoboda, Karl and Peter are the ones in charge. I get them confused but Karl and Daniels father had a major arguement which lead to the Lions refusing to invite Sprong to camp...

The above used to be a rumour but I've gotten confirmations about it... No one I know in the Lions knows much, and knows even less about the Sprong situation. I have thought prodding Svoboda but its tough... He's a scary guy...

Daniel may be many things, but he has to take control of his hockey career.

No Quebec AAA team will touch a Lac-St-Louis Kid, unless he's special... But even Sprong has too much baggage..

Something has to give as this year's Lions are awful... And Sprong would carry the team...

However the Lions have had their share of primadonnas...

Drouin, Duclair, Deluca... Fournier.. Verroneau... Etc.. I can go on..

I think he will end up with them, but only when he takes charge.

I warn all posters be careful of what you say regarding Sprong... This is a well known site to those in LSL...

Let me add, what I said above is 90% word of mouth, but it comes from reliable non biased sources...

Atleast I think so.

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