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10-12-2012, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by blues10 View Post
Your welcome.

Antropov would have spent the year in St. Johns if contracts didn't matter, they do that is why he was here. He really wasn't a typical 3rd or 4th line centre but at times found himslef there. Generally those types of guys don't make $4 + million a year.

The Jets brass have plenty of say in who is in the lineup. Gagnon will be there he is Chevy and Zinger's guy. Mc Cambridge is smart enough to realize this. There is lots of politics in hockey just ask the players.

Of course they could attempt to loan Gagnon out in an attempt to trade him when the lockout ends but they will not pay a player $500 000 to play in Colorado.
Hahahahahaha. You can't be serious.

Plenty of politics no doubt, never denied that. Also I never said Gagnon was going to Colorado, but there isn't really a spot in the lineup for him. He will likely rotate in and out with O'Dell, but based on the depth there I don't think he will be an everyday player. He was a depth player there last year, they did not play him top 2 lines last year, and with the increased team this year he is just an extra player.

BTW, Gagnon is probably not making 525K this year. He, like Postma/Machacek and the other players which were eligible for waivers are technically locked out NHLers since the Jets did not place them on waivers and send them to St. John's. They signed NEW contracts with St. John's based on a special exemption granted by the AHL to allow locked out players who were on a AHL clear day roster last year to sign new contracts to play in the AHL. We have no info on those contracts since they that info was not released, but I doubt Gagnon is getting 525K, at least until the lockout is lifted and Gagnon is waived back to the AHL.

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