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Originally Posted by Jetsfan79 View Post
Although I'm not a big fan of expansion, it makes much more sense they would want to expand into Canada and relocate if need be (ie. phoenix) to the U.S (seattle).

Why? Well as already mentioned the canadian teams would be risk free and automatically profitable long term . But there is also another reason. Expansion teams will suffer the first few years and the NHL knows us Canadians will be patient and still shell out money to a losing team (see Toronto). But a relocated team (probably phoenix) would be more competative right off the bat.

NHL dream scenerio:

Expand into Canada within 2 years, teams struggle for a few years but still make money.

Phoenix trends towards being a contender and either stays put (unlikely) or moves to Seatle within 4 years and wins the Stanley Cup (ala Colorado Avalanche) and builds a new strong fanbase in the u.s nothwest.
Yea having the new Seattle team win the stanley cup will draw the fans. And actually 4 years and Win the cup would put us around the 100th anniversary of when Seattle first won the Stanley Cup.

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