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10-12-2012, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
I would expect him to put up very big numbers. I think Theo Fleury is the only guy I remember playing over there and that was after he had been out of the NHL for three years. He put up 74 points in 34 games. I don't think it is absolutely terrible, but my guess is you can find some competitive beer leagues in Canada and even Detroit that are on par or better. I would hope he is around 2 points a game at least, mostly because he is in his prime. His speed will be something none of those players really should be able to handle. He is above average in terms of the NHL, and my guess is Hudler would be fast over in the EIHL.

This is the league leading scorer right now.
i do believe the eihl has improved a bit since fleury's time, but yeah, you'd expect good numbers. wade belak played in the uk a while ago (and thankfully didn't put up ridiculous numbers otherwise the league really would seem a total joke, lol) and anthony stewart and tom sesisto are there now for the lockout. stewart had played 4 matches and has 3 points and noah clarke has 10 points in 10 games (and he put up some big ahl points once upon a time).

no question, miller should be a total stand-out megastar in this league. we'll see if 2points/game is too much to ask.

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