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10-12-2012, 07:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Mystifo View Post
That is more of a starting point when talking about Wilson.

My only problem is with trading Grabo for Wilson seems a bit lateral IMHO and seems odd after signing him long term. (Then again we did see it with Schenn.) But I digress I would much rather trade potential for potential.



Both have shown great strides in the AHL both have been pushed down by the current clubs. Let us think on the Schenn for JVR type of deal. Not on the Mike Richards for Brayden Schenn type of deal.
A Grabo/Wilson type deal would only happen if A. The Leafs decided to rebuild and B. The Leafs saw Wilson as a high potential player than what Grabo is. If nothing else was involved, the Leafs wouldnt downgrade for next season voluntarily for the hope of Wilson being better than Grabo down the line. Grabo is a good 2nd line center and the Leafs want to compete.

The Kadri/Wilson thing was more of a joke because that is the main evidence Leaf players cite when defending the "Kadris a bust" posts. Hes "been a PPG in the AHL" and hes "only 22." Wilson/Kadri both have had success in the AHL and theyre both 22. I for one think theyll both be top six players eventually and probably on the sooner side, but I think Wilson will be better (granted ive seen Wilson play far more).

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