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Originally Posted by sniugneP View Post
Ike Taylor was never recovered since Denver playoff game last year. Absolutely horrible performance by him last night. 3 friggin' pass interferences and constantly get beat.

It's a shame that Ben might be playing his best year so far. His interceptions and sacks are much less than any of his previous years.

I would absolutely love to draft Manti Te'o if he's available. I agree with JTG, I wouldn't give a lot of money to Wallace. We need some space cap for rebuild our defense. Hampton will be gone for sure but Harrison, Foote, Taylor may not be back.
The way he is getting his pass interferences is bothering me. They are stupid, and on the one in particular down by the 1...grabbing the wideouts jersey was completely unnecessary. Ike's pass interference calls tend to be like Geno's hooking calls. Completely dumb, unnecessary, and lazy penalties.

In years past, we in Pittsburgh have always predicted down years, and years where we thought the team wouldn't be as good as years past. You have also always had those in Pittsburgh who want to blow any team up that performs poorly, but IMO, those people may be on to something with this team. As we all have been saying for years, we have guys at key positions who are old by football standards. Blowing this team up and retooling may not be the worst thing we can do as it'd quickly inject some youth into the lineup, I'd create a core, and build from there out. There aren't many redeemable pieces on that defense currently. Who do you build around?

Timmons? Even during this season, I'd question that notion. Woodley? Even during this season AND last, I'd question that notion. Heyward? Maybe? Hood? Absolutely not. Troy? Not so much anymore. Certainly no corner you can really build around. Harrison? A shot knee and definitely on the wrong side of 30.

At least on offense we have something to work with there. We have competent wideouts, a great tight end, and a line that can potentially sort itself out. Mendenhall needs to get healthy, as I think he will be a good runner for us if we get the blockers for at least another 3-4 years. Ben is playing some of the best QB I've seen him play.

Originally Posted by Dupree13 View Post
The Todd Haley experiment is a clear failure. The reason Art II got rid of Bruce was not because the offense was underachieving. It was strictly as a means of "reigning in" Ben to protect the franchise's investment. This was to be done by putting more emphasis on the run game and more designed quick passes.

Problem is that while keeping Ben healthy is a worthy goal, this method of doing it was never going to work. The tiger can't change his stripes. Ben is a playground player, that will never change. The reality is that Bruce's offense of giving Ben a lot of freedom and running the offense as an equal partner was the best system, however imperfect it was. Now with Haley we have the same thing with a lot more garbage plays mixed in.
I don't know if it's been a failure. I think Todd has done some stuff that I personally like. I won't say it has worked though. There has been zero rhythm with the play calling, IMO. It's sort of hard to watch.

Originally Posted by MrBurgundy View Post
Dude, seriously (ok well only a little bit)... It has to be something in the water. This is just getting ridiculous. Between the Steelers and the Pens, we always have lineups decimated by injuries.
Yeah, it's very, very odd.

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