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Originally Posted by Hammer Slammer View Post
Okay, so I'll sim a season. I don't have a way to record the PS3, so we'll stick with stats for now. I simmed through the pre-season, and I will now sim games on game day. The pre-season in NHL 13 was not the same as real life, so I skipped over it. We did manage to go 3-1-0 though.

Okay, now for the lines. I messed around for a bit. I'd like Scheifele to play at least a few games again this year so I threw him in ont he 4th line with Stomachache.

If you guys want to change anything, let me know. We're all the GM's!

All regular season games will be simmed through on game day and I will post results and stats and all that fun stuff. If the CPU offers a trade, I'll post it here and we can discuss and accept/decline.

If I can come up with a way to record the games, I'll post highlights or maybe even put up full games sometimes. We'll see.
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