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10-12-2012, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by e46330ivs View Post
and btw theres many engines and suspension parts that are interchangeable between many toyotas and lexus. While I worked at BMW twice they organized events at Mont Tremblant and invited all the major manufacturers to bring out their cars for test drives around the track, some were faster, some had better brakes, some looked better, but none had that perfect 50-50 balance and the steering feedback you get from driving a BMW
You know, it is great that you are happy with our choice in the BMW's. Seriously. It is also great that you recommend them from personal use.

But the way you repeat marketing catch phrases like "perfect 50-50 balance" and refer to their steering feedback just cheapens any of your arguments.

While BMW was praised for years for their great steering feel, in recent times, they have been widely criticized for really numb steering since their switch to electrically assisted steering.

BMW's are wonderful cars, but they are not perfect. No car is. When anyone goes on a tear saying that one specific car is the best, it only shows how narrow a perspective they have, and it makes their opinions like those of a fanboi.

I will take a BMW 335 over a IS350, any day. But that does not make the IS a bad car, nor does it make the 335 perfect either. Hell, even BMW cheerleaders Car and Driver said that Cadillac, yes Caddy, makes a more well rounded sports sedan.

To each his own, and none of them are perfect.

(btw, the GTR isn't either!)

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