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10-12-2012, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Son of Krypton View Post
I highly doubt that we'll see any free streams of games that aren't broadcast on TV anywhere.
They'd basically have to re-stream the AHL Live stream, since that's the only available source.
And since the quality of the original stream is quite low to begin with, would a "re-stream" even be watchable?
I don't know. Perhaps someone will work it out somehow...

AHL Live prices are way to steep, really.
You'll have to pay much more than you'd do for NHL GameCenter Live, and you'll get less games and a much inferior product, which doesn't even include the playoffs (you'll have to shell out even more if you want to follow the post-season).
It's a bad, bad deal, that I wouldn't recommend to anyone unless they really want to watch the AHL and are willing to spend more money than it's worth.

This will be my third season with AHL Live.
The only way I can rationalize that is that there are worse things to spend your money on.
I've made worse deals in my life, so I can live with overpaying for some badly produced low-resolution hockey.
Are the AHL live streams all from the jumbotron camera? I seem to remember the playoff streams being from very weird angles. It was quality enough to see what was going on but was still a bit weird, i guess it takes some getting used to.
There's not any more options to watch Oiler players so i suppose that the $150 will be worth it. It should be exciting hockey even looking through a subpar stream.

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