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10-12-2012, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
OK. I don't want you to think I'm assuming the worst for no good reason, but... LOH has been known to have errors and/or to overstate things. Considering Clarke was the center who got the most icetime and had the best defensive reputation, AND Shero said he liked playing MacLeish (the only center without a great defensive reputation!) against Perreault because he was the only one who could skate with him, I do have a hard time believing in Crisp's role as fully as you seem to.
And I don't want to assume that I'm backing my players blindly for no good reason. The reason I made so many new bios, for instance, was for my own I've referenced, this is my first time doing this. The fact that I'm in the spot I'm in in this thing is far beyond what I expected. But above all, this is for education not for competition. So, if I'm (or anyone) perpetuating anything that's incorrect it should be further examined, certainly.

I see LOH cited here early and often. So I'm using it for what it says, without further inference. And while I understand that LOH tends to look back on things with favorable light, I would be interested to see what other sources say happened.

Shero obviously thought enough of Crisp's smarts on the rink to introduce him as a very early assistant coach. So, surely that speaks to what he could do on the rink in some respects. Whether it's to the extent that LOH seems to be believe can be discussed if we'd like to go down that road...

In terms of just pure hockey play (and this is where I'm more at home), Clarke can't spend half the game just working on Esposito and Orr, he has to be alloted to carry the team offensively too. He has to be put out there in a favorable situation so he can score as well (which he did). So, perhaps, it's a case of meeting in the middle. Clarke checked Esposito and when Clarke couldn't/didn't/needed a rest/double-shift of Espo, then Crisp was assigned to him.

And if there's any merit to that theory, then that wouldn't diminish Crisp's legacy at all...being 1B or second-fiddle to one of the greatest two-way forwards ever in Clarke. Just like I have no issue that Andre Pronovost wasn't as good as Claude Provost...perhaps the best shadow in history...

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