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10-12-2012, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Bones45 View Post

My favorite line: "The NHL game as played in the post-season last spring was, for the most part, ghastly, and it will return in the same form at the end of this lockout, a ping-pong game in which shot-blocking is more valued than skill and imagination."

Part of the new CBA needs to get the game back to BEING FUN TO WATCH. NHL needs fans, and more media coverage.. and trying to watch and enjoy the the game, in it's current state, is impossible.

Nothing like having stars with playmaking talent given 4 square feet of ice to work on.

Spot ****ing on!

Unfortunately this will never be addressed. How could it? If teams are going to play that way they are going to play that way. There is only one solution. Go 4 on 4 full time. I know the purists will kill me for saying this but I would love to see it. Of course it will never happen due to losing upwards of around 100 jobs.

No one can argue that the game is VASTLY improved in overtime. Is that because it's 4 on 4 or because both teams have a point already with nothing to lose? Probably a bit of both. But more open ice is always welcome. 5 on 5 with the type of defense teams play these days is suffocating and hard to watch at times.

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