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10-12-2012, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Krypton View Post
Yes, for all archived games.

During live games, however, you can only stop the stream and restart it, and you'll miss everything that happens inbetween.

Unless it's a Texas Stars home game, or any other game using the higher-quality interface.
Then you'll be able to pause or even rewind the live stream.

This is a screenshot of a Barons @ Stars game from last season:

Note that the resolution is much higher than below, and that you can choose your bitrate (currently set to Adaptive).

And here, by comparison, is an OKC @ Aeros game:

I love that letterboxed little thing.

And this is Lake Erie, if you're wondering what it will look like tonight:
Jeez. That's crappy quality. But as you say, I've spent way more money on far stupider things!

How quickly do games go up in the archive section? It's a crazy early game today (is it a holiday in the US or something?) Will I be able to watch the archived version later tonight or will I need to wait till tomorrow?

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