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Originally Posted by putridgasbag View Post
Well a month after the game is available what do people think of the GM Connected mode?

For me the concept is good but I am not impressed with the finished product. Trade and Free Agency buttons that haven't been fixed, messaging service that leaves a lot to be desired and the slowest loading game that I can remember are my main complaints.

I can get both the trade and free agency buttons to work but it can take a while and I don't know why that is. You would think that would have been an easy fix but....

The loading and the messaging are absolutely horrendous for a game in this day and age. Having to go between screens to just check who is online and any messages, the wait times are ridiculous. See a player on waivers you might like and it takes forever to go back and check his ratings and then back to the message area. Having to download everything when you navigate away from the main screen and back is...well you can fill in the blank with the appropriate words.

You would think that if you clicked on a team that everything should be available about that team. Is he online, who he has on waivers, injuries and duration, all the ratings and stats, access to a trade screen and a record of what has been discussed. Send a trade proposal now and you have no idea if the other guy even sees it. If he responds in another form like here there is no record of the proposal for you to look at. Who did I offer?! I don't remember, hell once I get into the trade section I'll throw out a few proposals to see if anything is possible. Chances of me remembering what I sent out is close to zero.

I do enjoy the game play even if I do suck at it and the league idea. I just wish it was a little easier to move around the GM Connected part. I spend to much time waiting for screens and not enough time playing but at least I win the odd faceoff now and have scored a couple of goals... small steps.
I have almost totally agree, there are so many empty holes like you would think it would tell you if someone accepted your trade offer? and you could just message someone through the mailbox thing instead of having to use psn... It is seriously like they thought of it 2 days before release and just shoved it in there, they didn't polish it our make it as enjoyable as it could be, seriously i love this game mode well the concept of it, if they just took there time made it right found everything that was wrong with at and wait till NHL 14 maybe they wouldn't have rip off there customers and tell them it's a amazing game mode when it is a half as Bullsh*t piece of crap that i still seem to find fun, so what would it be if they did it right. Seriously this had the potential to be mine and many others favorites sport mode ever but it fell flat. And i sorry to say ea will never update it, whats the point they can suck you into paying 60 bucks to buy the updated verison next year.

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