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Originally Posted by Dupree13 View Post
It's a myth that this is one if the best managed franchises in sports. In reality, ever since Dan Rooney assumed his ambassadorship, this organization has been mismanaged into the ground by Art II. No time right now, but later or tomorrow, I will post my 11 point argument demonstrating the follies and fiascos that have occured directly from him or under his watch that have led this franchise to the bleak and sorry state that it finds itself in today.
I think Haley's done a solid job but do agree about Art doing a subtly poor job. Not anywhere close to a Jones/Snyder level but there has been a number of small things that have been hand-waved by media and fans since the Rooney family is still sort of seen as being Dan Rooney and people are under impression that Art II is the same exact guy.

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