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Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
I never use the word "spares" and don't like the concept. I have a 7th defenseman and take for granted that OF COURSE he's part of the team and is dressed to play sometimes, as is usually the case in a 7-game series, and certainly over an entire postseason.
Whatever you call it, the point is they're both under-utilized. You and I put two players behind a number of clearly inferior players in our lineups.

Zhitnik is a 5th-6th-7th defenseman in an all-time context on any championship-calibre team, and I say that as a fan of his strengths: risk-taking rushes, slappers and physical bodychecks. I see him as part of the 5th-7th slot.
This is hogwash. You talk like the level doesn't matter.

In the ATD, Zhitnik is a #7 - at best. I'd actually prefer he wasn't drafted.

In the MLD, Zhitnik would be a pretty serviceable 1st pairing guy or a good 2nd pairing guy.

In the AAA, he is a star.

There's no "glass ceiling" that some players can never pass through. Play at a lower level and your status in the pecking order at that level changes.

there is one exception and that is enforcers. Bob Probert, for example, would be a 4th liner whether taken in the ATD, MLD or AAA. Any coach good enough to make the AAA draft would put him on the first pairing quickly. These other guys were all role players in comparison.

Russ Courtnall is an ideal fit for Spokane because he can substitute at center for Allison when needed or provide extra offense if trailing in the series by coming in for the powerplay and some scoring line regular shifts in a shuffle that would probably see Bell seated and whichever right winger is not scoring at the moment demoted in the line-up slots.
that's nice, but I wasn't talking about Russ Courtnall being out of place as a spare.

You asked back in this draft whether to use Wiseman or Courtnall as a 2nd liner. You took my advice, and I stand by it now, more than ever!

the player who's out of place is Art Gagne. With percentage scores of 100, 77, 75, 63, 45, 38 he has the potential to be explosive at this level. I'm not sure why he's made the jump all the way to the ATD, but he would be an excellent scorer in the current MLD. Compare to Don Smith.

Anyways, I expect a genius like coach Starsi to make the right decision on game day. He often made great decisions and led the Czechoslovakians over the Soviets several times in the 1970s. We drafted tthree Soviet coaches in the all-time draft but not the arguably greatest Czechoslovakian coach? I respect Hlinka, but his reputation is built on his playing first and foremost, and if one looked just at his coaching, he shouldn't be consistently drafted as an all-time great coach ahead of Starsi in the ATDs.
You may be right.

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