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Originally Posted by Matty31 View Post
For NHL13 did anyone do any good deals with the Oilers?
I traded Dubnyk and Sutton for Kippersoff.
Peckham for Vishnovsky.

Mind you I want to win now and there is no cap.
If you going for fully 100% unrealistic why not just do a fantasy draft or something.

When I play GM mode I try and be realistic which is tough when Colorado offers you Duchene and a pick for Gilbert. But its almost like a real life sim, i can see in a few years who developed and what not, work on drafting, re-signing players, my farm team etc.

If im going for crazy unreal trades with no salary cap why not play as an all star team or edit the roster so when you load the Oilers in GM mode they have a bunch of good players. Truly make it a unique experience.

It doesnt feel weird seeing Vish feeding passes to Yakupov or Kipper in net?

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