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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post
I don't think it would be the death of the Sabres. I do think it would hurt more than help.

I'd disagree on the "boon" part because
#1 - Buffalo doesn't need rivals. They have had TOR, MON, BOS as rivals for 40 years.
#2 - Buffalo is gate driven. Buffalo has sold 99.6% of their tickets for the last six years.
-- In a PHX to HAM scenario, Buffalo would have three games on the schedule against HAM instead of two vs ATL and one vs BOS. Well they sell out against BOS, and did vs WIN last year and ATL the year before that.
-- In an expansion, 4x8 scenario, they'd add 2 home dates vs HAM, 1 vs DET, and 12 vs the West to replace 1 each vs the entire Eastern Conference. So they'd be trading sellouts vs TOR and BOS for sellouts vs HAM.

#3 - What the Sabres actually need is corporate dollars. If they lost a sponsor to Hamilton, they'd see actual losses and no real substantial gains.
#1; a "rivalry" with Toronto promised by the league & Punch Imlach who for obvious reasons circa 1970 having been unceremoniously fired by the Leafs that but for 2 short blips over the past 42yrs has failed to materialize, and never will. Its beyond absurd to think that Toronto feels any kind of rivalry with the city of Buffalo on any level whatsoever.

#2; yes, Buffalo is gate driven to a large extent. Their claims that a team in Hamilton will damage them at the gate are absolutely ludicrous, have never been substantiated or proven despite being asked on numerous occasions over the last 25yrs to do so. Do they have fans in Hamilton, Saint Catherines, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph & Cambridge etc who might very very rarely make the trek across the border to watch the Leafs play the Sabres or any other number of their favourite teams play?

Sure, sporadically. Walk-ups. The odd STH, with the real group of Ontario based STH's living in or near Niagara Falls & Niagara on the Lake, and reputedly have a waiting list of 1000's in New York state proper. These wild claims of 15% Ontario based STH's have got to be proven, parsed by postal codes, then we'll see just what what with these ridiculous claims that you & others seem to like to parrot & trot out everytime the possibility of a team arriving in Hamilton's raised. Its posturing; propaganda. Im surprised youd buy into it KevFu.

#3; ahh, Hello? Different country. Entirely different market. Different local sponsors. Different broadcasters. Different rules. You have individual Team Sponsors, National Sponsors that are exclusive to either the United States or Canada, then another set that transcends borders with commercial interests in both countries, the NHL itself responsible for the marketing & signing of said sponsors at the National levels. The Sabres themselves, the brand & franchise has done absolutely nothing over 42yrs to "capture" the Southwestern Ontario region, which is where it would have to begin if they wanted to then rope-in Canadian sponsors to a US/CDN border team. As they have done nothing over 4 decades in that regard, again, a completely hollow argument lacking in critical thought that is easily shot full of holes.

There is no proof of performance, their actions (lack thereof) should tell you all you really need to know about the fiction that the Sabres would be goners with a team in the Hammer. Utter nonsense. The reverse, a "boon" for Pegula & Buffalo, not to mention the Leafs & a team in Markham should the brainiacs in charge ever wake up from their comas'. Somnambulist's passed out cold on the road to profits since 1985 when Copps opened its doors. Brilliant.

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