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Originally Posted by Philly85 View Post
you talkin about the one on 34th? That's the one I went to, just about a week after it opened. I was hungry on the way home one night and decided to hit the drive thru for something new. I got an XL burrito cuz I was starving and they chintzed out on everything, but meat (seasoned, shredded pork) in particular. Actually they didn't chintz on the beans, they overloaded the thing with too many beans. I don't know it just didn't seem worth it at all for what I payed, flavour wasn't popping for me or anything. Seemed poorly put together. That being said I'm a bit of a picky eater and it was also my first time there, I haven't tried anything else on the menu.
Yes the one on 34th (why did the Taco Bell close but a less known brand would appear?).

My fear is the price. I hate tweener restaurants like this. Its not a full on sit down place like Original Joes or Red Robins but its classier then mcdonalds. You usually end up paying a premium and its never worth it.

Id rather get the same amount of food for less at a cheaper place or get more food. On the flip side Id rather spend an extra few bucks for the full sit down restaurant.

Kind of like fatburger. It ends up being 10-15 bucks with fries and a drink but you can get a burger, fries, a drink plus tip from a restaurant for like 15-20 why not just spend the extra on higher quality food or go the cheap Wendys, A and W, Burger king etc route.

Its funny you mention lots of beans too. Easy to fill up a burrito and make it look big but beans are so cheap compared to meat or other vegetables

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