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10-12-2012, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Avs_19 View Post
Big Nog always looks fat and out of shape. I think he was a couple pounds heavier today than he was for the Mir fight but it wasn't by much. I still think he'll beat Herman.
To me he just looked doughier than usual. Like I said, doesn't really mean much either way.

Here's Big Nog at 134:

And today:

Definitely looks like he's carrying around a bit of a spare tire.

I didn't think Anderson looked terrible at all. He usually cuts a ton of weight and looks more cut up at the weigh-ins because of it. Today he weighed in 20 lbs heavier than usual and this is how he usually looks on fight night. He didn't have to cut much weight for this fight and I think that will actually help him.
He looked tired and was sweating profusely when Joe Rogan interviewed him after the weigh-in. I don't recall him looking like that for most of his cuts to 185 but I guess I never really paid much attention before.

Bonnar has a better chin and can take a shot so it won't end as quickly but I think Anderson will make it look very easy once again.
Yea I think ultimately Anderson's speed and striking will make easy work of Bonnar over three rounds although I don't see him finishing Bonnar.

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