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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... but you repeated them without qualification, unreservedly, so naturally anyone reading your post would assume that you did in fact believe it & had bought into the Sabres (and leagues) propaganda.
???? I said: #2 - Buffalo is gate driven. Buffalo has sold 99.6% of their tickets for the last six years.

Nothing about the loss of any ticket sales what so ever. You somehow inferred "No more room!" = "They'd lose ticket sales!"

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
A team in Hamilton would in fact provide a distinct & unique advantage to Buffalo & Toronto, a bridge between the two cities, a 3 way rivalry, 4 if you include Markham in the equation.
You just said "Its beyond absurd to think that Toronto feels any kind of rivalry with the city of Buffalo on any level whatsoever." So adding Hamilton make Buffalo and Toronto rivals how?

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Thats money in the bank right there. 25yrs of neglect through obstinacy & billions spent elsewhere that the NHL, the Sabres & Leafs couldve capitalized on. This whole issue of "harm" I utterly reject & refute. Unfortunately you cant even argue it effectively because Buffalo's not about to come clean, open their books, show me, you & the rest of the World that 15% of their STH's live in the 4 or five postal code districts of Hamilton/Wentworth, Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge & Guelph. Its posturing, B***S***. Designed specifically to extort maximum indemnification from the Hammer.
Money in the bank from whom? More fans are going to show up in Buffalo because of Hamilton? Again, they sell 99.8% of their tickets. The unsold tickets are from the days on the calendar when it's not convenient; not based on opponent. Replacing a sell out with a sell out doesn't add more money. It's the same amount of money. That's not a gain.

You rejecting harm, calling it propaganda, calling BS and demanding proof is fine. You can be totally right on that issue. That's not what you and I are discussing (Well, I'm not. You keep bring it up).

Hamilton might not hurt the Sabres. They might not harm the Sabres. The financial ramifications should not prevent the establishment of a Hamilton franchise. These are claims that will get no argument from me.

"Hamilton actually HELPS the Sabres" however, that will get an argument. Because it's a load of crap. (It's no different than Buffalo's load of crap).

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