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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post

A) You just said "Its beyond absurd to think that Toronto feels any kind of rivalry with the city of Buffalo on any level whatsoever." So adding Hamilton make Buffalo and Toronto rivals how?

B) Money in the bank from whom? More fans are going to show up in Buffalo because of Hamilton? Again, they sell 99.8% of their tickets.

C) Hamilton might not hurt the Sabres. They might not harm the Sabres. The financial ramifications should not prevent the establishment of a Hamilton franchise. These are claims that will get no argument from me.

"Hamilton actually HELPS the Sabres" however, that will get an argument. Because it's a load of crap. (It's no different than Buffalo's load of crap).
A) The one on one rivalry of two relatively close franchises in Buffalo & Toronto never took-off. Well do I remember Imlach talking to the press saying he couldnt wait to play the Leafs at the Gardens and embarrass them; that "our uniforms will be blue as well, only a lot sharper with gold trim" (note the Sabres socks for eg; the 3 stripes running the full length as per the Leafs) and so on & so forth.

Y'know Kev, Toronto doesnt suffer fools & the disgruntled gladly, certainly never considered Buffalo, of all places, a potential rival in any way, shape or form on any level, be it competing for business or industry, in sport be it baseball, hockey or whatever. Its like "over there". Over the border. Miles & miles away. Couldnt care less what they do. Its a mid-sized US market with which the city of Toronto shares nothing. But, BUT, you drop a team in Hamilton, that dynamic changes. With that bridge, easier to identify. Especially so if through realignment there grouped in the same Division. Savvy?

B) So, Buffalo sells 99.8% of their tickets already do they? Sounds pretty healthy to me. Now imagine a situation whereby Hamilton, Toronto & Markham visit 3X's or more per year per team driving the cost per ducat through the roof, Buffalo able to charge more. Follow?

C) No, they wont hurt Buffalo. They wont hurt the Sabres. On the contrary. They will help that franchise in addition to the Canadian, Great Lakes US, indeed, the rest of the league as right out of the box, money-making machines. Im not looking to drop teams into Markham & Hamilton at the expense of Phoenix, Sunrise or anywhere else. Im looking to consolidate the base, increase revenues exponentially through the birth of these franchises in order to maximize revenues through socialistic-capitalistic methodologies of revenue sharing, a portion of that old new-found money going towards the sponsorships of a full-on in your face type grass roots development programs in the South & Southwest. Rinks built, synthetic surfaces installed, leagues created, more talent.

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