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Originally Posted by Cruor View Post
I should hope so, but I'm not entirely convinced. From reading this forum I understand it Roy is held in higher esteem (based on playoff performance alone?) something I can't really get my head around. I have my suspicion that if Hasek were Canadian it wouldn't even be a debate. Or by the same token, that in Europe there is Hasek and a big gap then some northern american goalies.

About the link, it was simply to announce his retirement. No value judgement.
I see it this way, too. I find the level of education on these boards to be dozens of times more educated than the people I have talked hockey with throughout my life, if I averaged them out. I don't find the overall patriotic bias to be any less, however. I can pinpoint a half a dozen guys I know in real life that I consider unbiased. There are some guys on here who's opinions I love to read, again and again. But overall, it's often educated bickering, with no one budging on their pre-set opinions - many of which seem very based off of which country someone came out of a vagina in.

What I remember from the 90's - it took about 8 years for people (who parrot announcers, for the most part) to stop passing off everything Dom was doing as 'lucky'. Roy was always the big name, Brodeur not so much. Once Dom faded, that's the first time I remember Brodeur becoming the media darling. It's also the first time I started hearing about Sawchuk all the time. I really believe the common perception presented in the media only started to become heavily based off of shutouts and wins at this time. I think there had to be a reason why a Canadian vagina produced a better player than a Czech vag. Otherwise, we'd all have to accomplish something on our own, rather than feeling great simply by being born in the borders of Canada, and parasiting greatness from hockey players.

I see one single difference between Hasek > Brodeur = Orr > Lidstrom (you either see it one way or another, I can't believe people can argue Orr and Brodeur at the same time.... or the other two, for that matter) The difference is - one COULD speculate that the game has changed, rendering Orr's obvious dominance of his peers to be less of a factor. Dom dominated his peers, including Brodeur, for his 8 year prime.

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